Feet Slave – Maths Is A Tough Subject Part 1

feet slave

Feet Slave – Maths Is A Tough Subject Part 1

In this Feet Slave clip, Most beautiful Indian Mistress Sheena wearing beautiful Indian Dress and looking damn gorgeous. She is a teacher and calls her student home because he failed in maths just for 1 mark. She has very clear mind of what to do when he comes home. Poor student comes home asking for 1 mark. She starts by taking to him about why dont he study well and all. Finally makes him to do whatever she wants if he wants her to not inform his dad and pass him.

Student has no choice but to agree Mistress Sheena. Initially she makes him massage her feet so slave thoughts its okay to do that. Furthermore she makes him lick her both feet with his tongue. Poor student didn’t liked it at all but have no other choice if he wants to pass. Must have clip for all Indian Femdom lovers.

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