Female Domination Spitting – Feet Feeding In House Slave

female domination spitting

Female Domination Spitting – Feet Feeding In House Slave

In this Female Domination Spitting clip, Most beautiful Indian Mistress Elina wearing hot red lahenga. She is looking damn gorgeous and eating pastry sitting on sofa. She calls her slave and makes him seat near her feet and start licking clean her both feet. Mistress Elina instructs him its compulsory if he wants to eat anything. Slave has no choice but to follow Mistress Elina’s orders. Slave starts licking Mistress Elina’s feet one after another. Licking clean her soles and sucking her toes looking at the pastry. He is very hungry he begs for food from Mistress Elina while she keeps on teasing him for the same.

Furthermore she puts small pieces of pastry on her feet and makes slave lick it from her feet. Slave is very hungry he is doing everything Mistress Elina says. Finally Mistress Elina agrees to give him pastry and asks him if he needs more chocolate syrup. Poor slave says yes i need it and Mistress Elina spits a whole bunch of her spit in pastry and makes slave eat it. Very humiliating and abusive clip for all Indian Femdom lovers. Especially a gem for guys who loves Indian Mistress in lahenga and anklets on her feet.

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